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Perfect Bodies

Perfect Shape




Perfect Hair.

Why should I care?



Perfect Models.

Perfect shapes,

Curves like old school soda bottles.


Perfect teeth.

Perfect Bodies.

What are they underneath?


I am not Fake.

I am not Perfect.

I am of my own model, my own make.


I will not bend.

I will not break.

I do not blend.


I am the me that I should be.


Perfection is not real;

It’s made from cameras that do not feel.

We are not the girls in magazines and movie ads.

Personality is not a fad.


I am my own perfect body.

Maybe not theirs, but mine.

And I have decided that that’s fine.

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It needs a bit of editing to make it flow a little better but I put it up anyway because it was requested. So here you go I hope you enjoy it :)

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